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Not Happy with your Website?

If your not happy, chances are your site visitors won’t be either.

Think of your website as an extension of your business. It’s like a storefront, it greets your site visitors and hopefully they stay. If they’re not happy, they won’t stay. A website redesign might just make you and your site visitors happy.

There are lots of sites out there in need of a makeover, don’t feel alone. Many sites that are up and running were created by students who were employed part-time, employees who had little website experience, or website companies that no longer exist. And many of these sites have not been updated in years!

Port Town Websites can help you overcome this problem.Website Redesign

How? By applying a new design or completely replacing your existing site.

  • We’ll take the current content of your site.
  • Keep the items that you determine are still revelant.
  • Update any stale-dated content.
  • Remove the outdated items.
  • Add new material to bring the site up to date.

It’s that easy!

Yes, we can “fix” your template

We can implement or modify website templates. So, if you have purchased a template and need help creating your site, we can help. Also, if you would like to modify a design feature of an existing template, we can do that as well.

When redesigning or fixing your website, we can discuss your situation to determine your needs. It is important to take into account your marketing efforts, offline and online, to try to leverage them both.

The website redesign process is a little easier than the initial creation, because you already have a web address and some content.

A website redesign process is an opportunity to improve the visitor experience, search engine rankings and conversions.

Want to be happy with your website again? Give Port Town a call, 310.832.0836