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Know When It’s Time To Redesign

Is it time to redesign, revamp, replenish your website?

Here’s a hint, if it’s been a while, the time is probably now. A website redesign is more than adding a page or changing some content. It means a complete new and fresh look. As we all know the world of technology changes fast. Consequently websites can get out of date too. It’s important for businesses to continue to update their website appearance and persona. An outdated website may cause your online visitors to click on by without a second thought.

Redesign Website Issues

Things to consider when trying to decide if you need to revamp your site:

  • Research the design of your competitors websites: what to they have?; how do you stack up?
  • Evaluate your existing website: is the design working?; is the navigation intuitive?; is the font legible?; Does it work with current browsers?
  • Review your current content - text, photos, external links: Is everything up-to-date?
  • Define your target Audience - what would appeal to them.
  • Review your online and offline marketing. Are they in sync?
  • Analyze the Keywords and Keyword Phrases used on your site - are they relevant? Would they be used by your target audience.
  • How quickly does your site load - do the pages appear quickly?
  • Review your webstats/analytics to see how your site is being viewed.

Website RedesignThe issue with websites is the need to keep them updated. It’s not a matter “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN” it needs to be redesigned.

Remember, people judge you by your website. You could lose an online customer, if they are turned off by your website’s layout, ease of use or outdated content. A redesigned website can help with new customers, and keep your existing customers as well!

Redesign, Revamp, Replenish your website today!
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