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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

An outdated website is of little value.

An outdated website leaves a poor impression with the visitor and will discourage repeat visits.  Nothing sends a potential client packing faster than a poorly maintained site. There is more to maintaining your site than just keeping the text up-to-date. Let us do the work for you. Website maintenance covers a broad range of activities. Here are a few of the items on your site that need to be reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis.


  • General content & photos
  • Contact Information
  • Associations, Awards
  • Calendar of Events
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Company descriptions
  • Design design/look

Not so obvious:

  • SEO data, key words and phrases
  • SEO standards
  • Site map
  • Industry trends
  • Online Directory registrations
  • Website Trends/analytics
  • News Feeds and other automated content

If you have a website template and cannot “get it to work” properly, we can help. We can modify, “fix”, or redesign templates. For older sites, we can convert an existing table based website to an CSS based site which will improve search engine ranking and make future site-wide design updates simple. If you would prefer to make the changes yourself, we can modify your site such that you will be able to make the changes without any fear of “breaking” anything.

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