Website Redesign

Not Happy with your Website?

If your not happy, chances are your site visitors aren't happy either. Think of your website as an extension of your business. It's like a storefront, it greets your site visitors and hopefully they stay. If they're not happy, they won't stay. There are lots of sites out there in need of a makeover, don't feel alone. Read More →

Know When It’s Time To Redesign

Is it time to redesign, revamp, replenish your website? Here's a hint, if it's been a while, the time is probably now. A website redesign is more than adding a page or changing some content. It means a complete new and fresh look. As we all know the world of technology changes fast. Read More →

Does your site need a face lift?

It may be time to apply a new coat of paint. Websites are like a good wardrobe, they should be updated on a regular basis. Your website should have quality content, eye catching aesthetics, clear call to actions and be easy to navigate. An outdated website can often turn away potential customers. Read More →